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Peeing through a hose


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A vacuum cleaner hose to pee in. Having been a man for 37 years I can assure you that peeing in a ribbed tube like this is a great way to earn yourself a bunch of splashback.

Not only that but it doesn't mention equalizing pressure at all so when you detach it is it going to HISS at it disconnects? Light spray of urine errytime. And by Friday we'll be seeing heavy showers. Moving into the weekend, this will turn to hail.

It still wouldn't protect you from the pressurization that'd occur that, upon removing your penis, would cause a lovely spray of arrisolized piss. Surprised this has been funded. Anyway, we have this system in the helos I fly Average bladder is ml so I'd definitely want at least a 1L bottle.

Just take a break to drink some from the bottle? You can then continue, and dont have to carry around that big 1L bottle! And it's called "The Car Pool"!? You're car pooling and suddenly your co-worker pulls one of those out You better hope you can open doors or windows from where you sit.

Considering it is already just a vacuum tube with an adapter for male Peeing through a hose, bet it would sell amazingly if the other end could be connected to a vacuum Now that I think of it, I'm surprised there isn't a shitty kickstarter for such a thing yet.

Sir, that vacuum will rip your dick off https: This might sound dumb but it's fairly common for Truckers semi drivers to pee-in-transit with a jug or bottle, this at least keeps your hands on the wheel! As one of those truckers, it's easier for me to pull over and pee in between two axles while I'm pretending Peeing through a hose check my tires. Carrying around a bottle full of piss to save Peeing through a hose miniscule amount of time is just being nasty.

In the EU truck drivers are required by law to stop for a 20 minute break every 4 hours, so that level of piss creativity isn't required. So if I understand from the description they just gave the hose with the adapter that fits a variety of bottles and as a bottle you just use whatever you have lying around like in a crappy comedy.

The fact that they found it hard to find a hose material that would stay in the position it's put in, and that there's not a word about hygiene in the whole description makes me shudder. There are bags with absorbent material in them for this purpose.

Welcome to Reddit,

This contraption will only make a huge fucking mess. I'm surprised almost nobody here has realized the kickstarter is a joke. Then again, some sick bastards actually funded this shit.

Jesus christ, people are taking retarded shit seriously now. It's like the presidential election over and over. The last presidential election was last year Also, this is quite tame compared to some of the crap this sub has seen over the years. I am a bot. In college we kept a 2 litre Peeing through a hose Dew bottle in the car for the same purpose. Not as fancy but way cheaper. Called it the "tip jar. I already have a hose for channelling urine into a container.

It's attached to my body, so I am never without it. I could totally see myself doing this on the BART train Poor people can now handle my pee pee bottles!

Want to add to the...

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Gon get my piss on in March hopefully. What a stupid reward. It threatens violence or physical harm at someone else I'm dead. This Post - archive.

CHRISTIE Brinkley got into a...

CHRISTIE Brinkley got into a peeing match with a woman over a patch of sand — using her garden hose to douse her when she went to relieve. Its a catheter. They do place users at risk for infections, so its not something you do to save time or for convenience.

Its only out of necessity. Ounce Deluxe Male Urinal Glow in the Dark Incontinence Pee Bottle Potty Travel Toilet Pee Bottle with Long Brush ML M Hose (Blue) $

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