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The difference between love and a crush


I always thought infatuation was part of love. Infatuation is intense but short-lived. Love is comfortable but lasts longer.

Do you know the difference...

Infatuation brings out obsession and jealousy. Love brings out understanding and trust. Infatuation is being in love with the idea of someone. Love is being in love with who the person really is. Infatuation thrives on playing games. Love thrives on meaningful connections. Infatuation makes you forget you have a life. Love is integrated with yours. Infatuation thinks love should be perfect. A new Thought Catalog series exploring our connection to each other, our food, and where it comes from.

You understand how to inform should you like an individual, or in case you are utilizing them […]. You understand the best way to tell if you enjoy somebody or if youre only infatuated withthem and […].

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You know how to tell if you like a person or if youre just infatuated withthem and you stopped […]. In this phase, both partners are recklessly obsessed with one another and […]. There are always signs that reveal the difference between infatuation and love. You can spot the distinction between love and infatuation.

You know how to tell if you like a person or if youre only infatuated withthem and you stopped […]. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

Do you know the difference...

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Well, Dayan Masinde let's you know the clear.

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You may find Sternberg's triangular theory of love as useful framework for distinguishing different types of love. Quoting wikipedia, the theory. When you know why you like someone, it's a crush. When you have no reason or explanation, it's love. The craziest things we all do when we have crush is.

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