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Vampire diaries nude scene


Throughout the show there have been a plethora of hookups, almost-kisses, breakups, fights, make-ups, steamy sex foreplay scenes and everything in between amongst different pairs of characters. Everyone in the show has had their fair share of romance—some more than others, such as the three main characters behind the love triangle at the core of the show: In honor of this milestone day for one of the hottest shows on television, here are the top 20 best romantic scenes from episode long show:.

Jenna and Alaric kiss- Season 2, episode 3: Up to this point, Jenna Sara CanningElena and Jeremy's aunt and surrogate parent, and Alaric Matthew Davistheir Vampire diaries nude scene, have had a shaky start to a relationship. In the beginning of the episode, Alaric apologizes for letting his baggage get in the way of them being together, but Jenna dismisses him. At the end of the episode, he kisses her. This is a great moment because the kiss is sweet, simple, "Vampire diaries nude scene" full of passion, but it's also great because of the characters.

For Jenna, it meant that the kind-hearted woman struggling to cope with unintentionally having to raise teenagers, as well as the events that put her in that position, found someone of her own to lean on. For Vampire diaries nude scene, it helped solidify his place in the Gilbert-vampire universe and helped make him someone to really root for. That is Klaus Joseph Morgan acting like a normal jealous youth, but adding his personal brand of rudeness and evil tone to it.

The way he says it is evidence of how vulnerable and yet violent he can be, how he's charming but twisted, so you don't know whether to feel bad for him, fear him, like him or all of the above. Matt Zach Roerig and her had broken up but she'd rejected Tyler.

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When she saw him with a girl at Vampire diaries nude scene party, she became jealous and snappy with him, eventually compelling the girl to leave. Tyler confronts her about it and they kiss, soon leaving the party for privacy and getting hot and heavy in a bedroom doorway.

It was quick but steamy and came after shippers had already been calling for them to get together, so it was a welcome event.

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Whilst Stefan is temporarily battling a blood addiction and thus, too distracted to attend the Miss Mystic Falls Vampire diaries nude scene Elena is competing in, Damon steps in as her escort.

This is one of the earliest key moments in Damon and Elena's relationship. You can already see how he feels about her in the way he looks at her, and you can see Elena's attraction creeping through as well, and she confirms it when she suddenly steps back as if she's afraid of what's happening. Their chemistry literally leaps off the screen at you.

It's also a perfect sample of a piece of how the love triangle works throughout the series—when Stefan isn't being good, controlled Stefan, Damon steps up to help Elena. While she is attracted to bad-boy Damon, it is his good moments that make her accept and acknowledge he is someone worth loving, and many of those moments come when Stefan is having problems.

Klaus gives Caroline his blood to save her from a werewolf bite- Season 3, episode It's one of the best moments of the Klaus-Caroline "romance. Even as she's dying he takes the time to tease her about the feelings she won't admit she has for him and to profess his love for her.

Only someone not-so-normal would waste time like that before saving the one he claimed to love. And he continues his combination of charming-diabolical by telling her all the things she could do if she lets him cure her—trying to Vampire diaries nude scene her into loving him as she's on her death bed and he's about to save her. But even though it's a little strange for him to be wooing her at that time and place, it's sweet and sincere.

It hints at Klaus's rarely seen softer side—the part of him that dreams, hopes, imagines, and wants to share something with someone. First and foremost, the Stefan-Rebekah hookup was a good scene because it was just plain hot.

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Once they agree to start, they jump right into it, ripping each other's clothes off like a switch has been flipped. And it's vampire sex, so it's extra steamy. The teaser made the actual hookup scene hotter because a it brought up the history between Stefan and Rebekah, and everyone loves a couple with history, b it explained what emotions were involved.

Rebekah Claire Holt offers him casual, no-strings sex to soothe his pain and loneliness about not being with Elena. She has already accepted this kind of medicine to cure her own loneliness, so they share common feelings and frustrations, and c it showed a true spark of chemistry between Rebekah and Stefan to make, perhaps even devoted Elena-Stefan fans or Rebekah haters root for at least a one-time thing between them. The Damon-Rebekah hookup was more emotion-free, but the playful randomness of it was a pleasant surprise.

Damon initiates it by being his usual rudely charming self by first teasing Rebekah for getting rejected by Matt, and then cheering her up by implying that sex between her and Matt wouldn't have been good, indicating he himself would be a better choice.

After that simple conversation and a typical Damon smolder look, the two are shown bursting into a bedroom going at it. The buildup is less than it was with Stefan, but the scene is longer and there is more bare skin and action packed into it.

It's the first time Tyler and Caroline's relationship finally moved out of the friend zone, and it came after some buildup. Caroline had been an amazing friend, helping Tyler deal with being a werewolf even if it meant risking her life, despite the fact that not long ago, when she started dating Matt, Tyler had done nothing but insult Caroline.

They were both in their truest form when it happened, making it even more delightful. Tyler asks her why she'd helped because he never felt truly loved or worth loving and couldn't understand why Caroline cared, and she responds with a typical Caroline motor-mouthed rambling of sarcasm, sunshine and fire until Tyler finally kisses her.

It is simple yet passionate at the same time, and Caroline makes it even more adorable with a quip about people kissing her Matt had kissed her Vampire diaries nude scene. This scene was early in Vampire diaries nude scene and Stefan's [second] relationship and though it wasn't particularly steamy, it's a great moment because even though they were dealing with some things at the time, it was before too much had happened, and it was a glimpse of a relaxed, care-free couple, a moment of reprieve.

For a minute they were normal and happy, and it was great to see them so playful. The genuine sweetness of their lake house trip was indicative of what their relationship could have been like if Stefan was a normal boy, she was a normal girl, and Mystic Falls wasn't a hub for the supernatural—innocent, pure and serene—and that's what made it so wonderful.

Bonnie and Jeremy almost kiss- Season 2, episode McQueen and Bonnie Kat Graham arrive at Jeremy's house, with him injured after having done something to try to protect Bonnie. Bonnie is angry because his actions have gotten Stefan into trouble, and because he risked his own life. But he gently says he did it for her and approaches her. She tells him not to feel how he does but he points out that he's not the only one with feelings.

They exchange additional words of concern and unspoken but obvious love for one another and he places his hand on her face and goes Vampire diaries nude scene kiss her, but she stops him just before their lips touch. She feels guilty because he's her best friend's brother, but clearly wants it, proving this further as she looks back on her way out the door.

It is all the unsaid and undone things that make this such a Vampire diaries nude scene scene. The look and tone does it all and the music and lighting helps. It is one of the most sincere moments in their relationship. Elena tells Damon she loves him for real, not because of the sire bond- Season 4, episode 8: In a moment of raw and rare vulnerability, Damon reveals his insecurity—his uncertainty about whether her feelings are real or due to the sire bond.

After she insists they're real and urges him not to say what he's going to, he delivers a great line: I don't do the right thing. But I have to do the right thing by you. We even Vampire diaries nude scene his famous smoldering look one of them.

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And the way Elena responds is equally powerful. She places his hand on her Vampire diaries nude scene, her hand on his face and asks him if it feels wrong. It shows how sure she is of her love for him, and how deep it is. She convinces him and everyone that maybe the bond really is irrelevant. Katherine has attacked Elena's aunt Jenna out of Vampire diaries nude scene revenge over Elena and Stefan being together—after she had threatened them not to be.

Vampire diaries nude scene their very teary, heart-aching goodbye, everything is laid bare: In Stefan's reaction, you can see his struggle between how strongly he feels for her and how understanding and righteous he wants to be. Even though it's a low point in their relationship, it's also one that reveals the depth of their devotion and love. It Vampire diaries nude scene a monumental moment in the story of Elena and Stefan.

Klaus returns from New Orleans for Katherine's death. While he's in the woods with Caroline he tells her he'll leave her be forever if he gets a confession from her about her feelings towards him. She appears to reject him at first and then says " This moment is a long time coming and with Klaus in his best devilishly charming form and Caroline in her best spitfire spirit, it is a treat worth the wait.

Elena and Damon finally kiss on her porch - Season 3, episode This was a big moment for the Elena-Salvatore brothers love triangle. After a hectic day in which Stefan betrayed everyone by saving Klaus from their plan to kill him, in order to save Damon, Damon drops Elena home.

He tells her that Stefan's true motivation means he still can't not feel guilty for wanting her. Once again his struggle between loving her and loving his brother appears on his face and you can see his torment.

You can also see her desire. Then Damon, giving an excuse before doing it, turns back to her and pulls her face into a passionate kiss. As he says goodnight and walks away Elena is left with a look on her face—one of realization that she can no longer deny her attraction to him and the chemistry they have.

The honesty of the scene makes it so powerful. Klaus gives Caroline the best present- Season 4, episode Klaus meets Caroline at night after her graduation. The romantic setting of the field lit up sets the stage, but it is their interaction that makes this scene so fantastic—specifically an unforgettable line Klaus delivers.

He gives her a graduation gift: Tyler can return home without facing retribution. As excitement and surprise settles on her face, Klaus explains, "He is your first love. I intend to be your last, however long it takes. He will win her affection the right way and stop getting in the way of her happiness, which at the moment means having Tyler in her life.

In that moment he sheds his macho, egocentric attitude for the kinder one that only rarely pokes through. He then kisses her on the cheek and offers to escort her home in a most gentlemanly manner. It's one of those times Klaus almost makes you root for him, if he wasn't a psycho killer who had plagued everyone's lives for a couple of seasons or so.

Rebekah fell for Matt, for all the most human things about him—his loyalty, kindness, imperfections. She's tried and failed for quite some time to woo him. However, Vampire diaries nude scene two share a moment when facing danger thanks to a vampire hunter.

Parents Guide: The Vampire Diaries (–) Most sex scenes involve a couple kissing and stripping down to their underwear. A man continues to kiss a. The promo for Thursday's midseason finale of The Vampire Diaries be the hottest captive sex scene since a certain cage encounter on Lost. reasons to become invested in a show like The Vampire Diaries. An Official Ranking Of Damon Salvatore's Shirtless Scenes On 'The Vampire Diaries'.

the Riverdale kids are always having sex, everywhere", the series.

From one end to the other of the show there maintain been a plethora of hookups, almost-kisses, breakups, fights, make-ups, steamy sex foreplay scenes and everything in between amongst different pairs of characters.

Everyone in the show has had their fair share of romance—some more than others, such as the three main characters behind the love triangle at the core of the show: In honor of that milestone day for inseparable of the hottest shows on television, here are the top 20 get the better of romantic scenes from part long show:.

Jenna and Alaric kiss- Season 2, episode 3: Up to this point, Jenna Sara Canning , Elena and Jeremy's aunt and surrogate parent, and Alaric Matthew Davis , their fellow, have had a wobbly start to a relationship. In the beginning of the episode, Alaric apologizes for letting his baggage get in the less of them being well-organized, but Jenna dismisses him.

Their love came to an end in Season 2, but when it was at its best, these two were Mystic Falls RelationshipGoals. Rose may not have been a fan fave, but there's no denying this pairing was short and sweet. In "The Sacrifice," Rose took a werewolf bite for Damon, leading to a friends-with-benefits situation that went far beyond sex. A close friendship formed between Rose and Damon, which made her demise that much more of a downer. He held her as she died, and her loss affected him for several episodes that followed.

Caroline has had the hots for Stefan since the first season, but Stefan only had eyes for Elena. Steroline finally hooked up in Season 6 after being there for each other through murderous ripper rampages and losing loved ones, and things really heated up in Season 7 with their second hook-up after the Heaven and Hell Ball.

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How do I know if my best female friend fancies me? Look, I'd be the very last person to say that The Vampire Diaries has lost any creative Stefan and Elena Sex Scene 1x10 The Vampire Diaries. vampire-diaries-sexiest-scenes Damon and Katherine's reunion. (Image Courtesy of CW). vampire-diaries-sexiest-scenes Jeremy chopping wood on ' The..

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