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Does god have a soul


God created Adam and Eve in a unique way in comparison with the remainder of His creation, such as plants and animals Gen. He created mankind as "a living soul. IMO, though it is actually more correct to say man is a soul and not merely possesses one. We obtain the word "soul" from the Hebrew word nephesh. The word is used some times Englishman's Concordance in the Old Testament and may also mean, "self, life, creature, person, appetite, mind, living being, desire, emotion, and passion" BDB.

Throughout the Bible mankind is said to be a soul Psa. So naturally the question arises, that since mankind was made in the image of Does god have a soul Gen. Before arriving at an answer, it is also important to understand that the Greek word for "soul" is psyche used some occurrences in the N.

The repentant thief's body went to a grave, but his soul or spirit went to paradise. However, this is done in error, as man is a two-part, not three-part living being. For more on this topic please see, "Trichotomy or Dichotomy? Returning to the subject at hand, there are some passages of Scripture that Does god have a soul to indicate that God has a soul:. And I will destroy your high places and cut down "Does god have a soul" incense altars and cast your dead bodies upon the dead bodies of your idols, and my soul [ nap-si ] will abhor you.

I will put my Spirit upon him, and he will proclaim justice to the Gentiles. However, Scripture also refers to God as having a face Lev. So, biblically in theology these ascribed human qualities of God above are known as anthropomorphisms. They are used in Scripture to more fully communicate what God is doing, but are not to be taken literally, as if he had an actual human body, eye, hand, or foot, etc.

They merely assist us to comprehend the incomprehensible, to fathom the unfathomable, to know the unknowable, to grasp the ungraspable, and to understand what would otherwise not be understandable. However, some add that God doesn't actually have a soul either; it is merely an anthropomorphism. Indeed, they comment saying, the Scripture never literally states that God is a soul or has a soul.

IMO, though it depends on how one is using or interpreting the term "soul" in context. Often the word "soul," as used in Scripture, refers to the unseen part of a man that makes up part of his actual person Gen. However, in other uses the word "soul" refers to one's whole being Lev. Indeed, the term "soul" may mean "self," "myself," or even "life" - part of its very definition seen above Hebrew, nephesh.

In others words, God's "soul" is synonymous with His "spirit;" or "all" his heart Jer. So, when God's soul is well-pleased with someone Matt. So, God is spirit, similar to the Person of the Holy Spirit who is also immaterial. Only God the Son took to Himself a human body and therefore possess a human soul, because He is truly a human being, the second and last man Adam, the God-Man. God the Father on the other hand is not a human being.

He does not have a created soul like man does. He though is still a whole Person, the first Person of the Trinity. Therefore, when we speak of His soul, we speak concerning His complete being, self, essence, or His totality. How do I use Does god have a soul resources? Are these resources really free? Is there a Third Millennium mobile app?

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Foundations of Interpretation Making Biblical Decisions. Does God the Father have a soul? I realize that Jesus has a soul, as he is really a human being. However, does God the Father have a soul?

Thanks for your question. The...

Thanks for your question. The answer depends upon how we use or interpret the word "soul. Returning to the subject at hand, there are some passages of Scripture that seem to indicate that God has a soul: Does god have a soul of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Commitment to Transparency Recognzied by Intelligent Philanthropy.

CopyrightThird Millennium Ministries. Thanks for your question. The answer depends upon how we use or interpret the word "soul." God created Adam and Eve in a unique way in comparison with.

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Do people and animals have souls, or are they souls? The Bible's the Bible teaches. What, then, is the soul, and what is the spirit, according to God's Word?. Then God, though one soul, would not be one person but three, for God would have three centers of self-consciousness, intentionality, and.

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