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Black people with sandy brown hair


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Many black people have light...

Why do all black people have black hair? I've been wondering this for a while, I've never seen a black person without black or very dark brown hair.

My natural hair color is...

I live in Louisiana, down here, black people are just shy of being a majority. How am I being racist? I'm not insulting anybody, I'm not putting anybody down. Why shouldn't I be able to ask a simple question like this.

Just because I'm talking about a certain race in particular I can't ask without being called a racist or a bigot or some other "creative" Black people with sandy brown hair. If this question is so stupid and moronic, then why waste your time giving a stupid answer?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? That's not true, I remember reading that there was this place in Africa where people were born with naturally blonde hair and light eyes, and no they weren't mixed.

It is NOT true that all black people have black hair. Just like our skin comes in all different colors so does our hair. Black is just the most common color when it comes to hair for the world population as a whole. Many black people have light brown hair, red hair, and some even blond hair especially if they are lighter in complexion My own cousin has blond hair and green eyes and both of his parents are light skinned not mixed black Americans.

Below I have sent you a link about natural black hair the 1st linkat the very bottom of the page there is a young black girl who has very red hair, she is standing with her mom who has dark hair. Well, alot of black people dont have black hair. Its brown and the reason is genetics. It also has something to do with the fact that most blacks come from below the equater, where it is quite hot.

It is some type of adaptation that humans below the equator made to protect them from the heat after pangea split. Thats also why there skin is brown. It's because of the genes To the people saying not all blacks have dark hair.

I believe he meant this as a full blooded african with no cross breeding or hair color from a bottle. Saying Serena Williams has a different hair color other than black really doesn't say much. An actual black person from Africa, along a permanant racial bloodline will have dark skin and black hair. Black hair is a dominant trait, so anyone who has a parent Black people with sandy brown hair black hair usually has black hair.

If a child has a white mother and a black father, he will still have black hair even if the mother is blond. It's not a racist question, don't worry about that. My father is from Somalia, and I have aunts with red hair. And African Americans can have lighter eyes as well, such as blue, green, hazel, grey, light brown, and dark brown.

Dark hair and eyes are the dominant genes. That is not true, my sisters have sandy brown hair. My aunt has very red hair. And you do know we can dye our hair don't you? There are some Black folks with red hair, and golden blond hair, and light brown hair. Not all balck people have Black people with sandy brown hair hair. Remember Serena Williams in the French Open with the blonde hair? It was so natural too! But no really, not all black people have black hair. I know a girl at my school who is black and has dark brown hair and it really is natural.

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Many black people have light...

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Sandy Brown Hair Color African...

Do Japanese people idolize white people? Also, do they like black people? Why USA not have Asian president? Are Native Americans brown skinned? My natural hair color is sandy brown which looks VERY DRY. So my question is, people with sandy brown hair, what do you do to make your hair look. Poo: SM Moisture Retention Shampoo & SM African Black Soap. Sandy Brown hair is hair Black people with sandy brown hair looks black, but is actually the darkest brown Lol, I am that one person outside the bss with the owner, or other.

Many black people have light brown hair, red hair, and some even blond have red hair, blondish/light sandy brown hair, medium brown hair.

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