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Website for pretty travel companions

If you're going travelling solo,...

Her name was Teresa, she was a civil servant living in Hammersmith, west London, and she described herself as "a bubbly daredevil with a sharp sense of humour". This was all I knew, and she knew as little about me. Yet she was inviting me on holiday. What we had in common was membership of the London branch of citysocialising. With 22, users across nine UK cities, they've already set their sights on expanding Website for pretty travel companions Europe.

Since I joined, on a friend's recommendation, invites have been "Website for pretty travel companions" into my inbox on a daily basis: However, it was the travel forum that really caught my eye. Here members were going further than inviting each other out for brunch in Balham - they were seeing if anyone "fancies the northern lights for New Year?

Intrigued, I wrote my own post: I wrote a brief description of my perfect short break. It would be neither a drunken blur, nor involve ticking off sights from a guidebook. Something in between would be fine: A few days later, Teresa responded, taking a gamble on someone she'd never met.

Most people think carefully about holidaying even with people they've known for years; personality clashes and odd habits often emerge from nowhere; different priorities and round-the-clock company can cause a strain.

Trip Together service that will...

I mulled it over for a day or two before deciding, what the heck, it was only for two nights and, in the worst-case scenario, I could go off on my own. Teresa, Maddy another citysocialising member and I did manage to meet once in the run-up, for a quick glass of wine in London. Maddy, 30, seemed sweet-natured; Teresa was a tell-it-like-it-is kinda gal. Both traits could help things run smoothly in their own way. The surprise twist was that Maddy and Teresa had met at one of the site's summer events, and had been hanging out ever since.

Why, then, add a complete unknown entity, ie me, into the mix? I was dying to ask, but bit my tongue in case they changed their mind.

Would I end up being the awkward Website for pretty travel companions part, I wondered on my way to the airport. I needn't have worried - by the time we touched down in Barcelona we were already getting to know each other, and the sun was blazing.

If you're going travelling solo,...

It turned out Maddy and Teresa had just come out of long relationships and were using citysocialising to reignite their social lives. Both wanted to travel more - just not on their own.

Our first afternoon was spent washing tapas down with red wine, then wandering down La Rambla. I told the girls I had heard about a speakeasy where you step through an old wardrobe, Narnia-style, to find a scruffy makeshift bar on the other side El Armario, Carrer de Riereta, El Raval. I loved the idea, Maddy seemed keen, but I got the impression Teresa preferred something more glam. Also, these underground bars rarely get going before 3am and we were flagging after an early start.

I went with the group consensus and we headed back to the hotel. I was beginning to realise that the key to this sort of trip is not to come with Website for pretty travel companions many expectations or set plans.

Travel Buddies is the free...

In fact, in some ways, it was easier Website for pretty travel companions going with people you know, as you all make more of an effort to cooperate. As Maddy and Teresa had booked before me, they'd already arranged to share a room.

This left me in my own double, and with a bigger bill, but part of me was relieved to have my own space. Again, I wondered if I'd end up playing gooseberry on their established friendship. Fortunately, a pattern emerged that we only retreated to our rooms to sleep - or if there was a three-way arrangement to meet in one and make some headway into Maddy's duty-free bubbly.

The vibrant shot of pea soup topped with squid chilled with liquid nitrogen was a big hit, Website for pretty travel companions Maddy tried the house speciality of steak cooked by blowtorch on a bed of nails. Yes, but highly enjoyable and the conversation flowed as freely as the wine.

We spent our final night in a down-to-earth and eccentrically decorated bar called Chatelet Carrer de Torrijos, She shrugged and told me she followed her instincts. I just thought we'd get along.

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Where to find a travel...

With over 43, members and over"future travel" plans entered, Travbuddy is one of the largest services for finding a travel companion online. You can post your travel blog, photos and tips on the site too. For added peace of mind, the site also operates a system where members "vouch" for other members after meeting them in real life.

They say there have been over 5, vouches so far and none have been negative. Launched inthis site now has over 18, members. Your profile can be matched to others based on common interests, and you can also post suggestions for group trips on the forum. As the name implies, it's women only on thelmaandlouise. It's free to join and you can find someone that specifically matches your criteria through the advanced-search function.

Want a spa-loving, year-old who adores rock music and enjoys an occasional drink? Search for "travel" against your hometown and see what shows up. Edinburgh, for example, has two groups for lovers of adventurous pursuits, including Scottish Intrepid Adventurers which has organised over meets and trips.

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If you're going travelling solo, Website for pretty travel companions can find likeminded travel companions online to Here, then, are some of the most useful websites to help find travel friends.

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