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Fulfill your fantasy


Do you live in a dorm or tiny apartment? Have pets intent on annihilating anything with leaves but still want to grow something besides the basil mutating on your windowsill?

Check out these community gardens to raise tomatoes with your own hands and guarantee you full farmer bragging rights. Just bring seeds and get your hands dirty. Sunshine Community Garden Sunshine Dr. It offers about farming plots for the more Fulfill your fantasy active members to grow food and flowers.

Black Shear Community Garden E. Gardeners with plots are required to put in eight hours of community work, like weeding and composting, per season. Come for the group potlucks and work parties, and stay for the chickens!

Sign up here www. Keep your eyes open for the family of possums living under the shed, you might see Fulfill your fantasy young joey waddle out. Scholarships are available for special needs and low income citizens.

Windsor Park Garden Westminster Dr. It's currently one of the few spaces actively seeking gardeners, so contact wpgardeners gmail. Fulfill your fantasy a snack from one of the peach, Mexican plum, persimmon, and loquat trees to go with your ThunderCloud sub.


Just make sure the wildlife doesn't eat all of your hard work. South Austin Community Garden S. Fifth Started in the early s, South Austin Community Garden was demolished years later by condo builders.

Don't add this to your list of reasons to hate developers as the builders followed through on a promise to make a bigger and better garden. They set a precedent for urban living through smarter planning to incorporate green spaces in the midst of so much Fulfill your fantasy. And if an entire plot is too much commitment, split it with another person and still have time for brunch.

Adelphi Acre Community Garden Adelphi www.

Local veggie spots and how...

Work groups enjoy picnic lunches under shaded trees, and the local scout troops regularly host events, even going so far as to donate an herb circle and bee hotel. If you live north, contact www.

In cooperation with Tree Folks, Adelphi built an orchard with deer resistant trees like mulberry, fig, pear, and persimmon. They donate a whopping 40 pounds of fresh vegetables and herbs per month to local food pantries serving almost appreciative families per week, as well as offering scholarships and plots to refugee groups and low income families. Clarksville Community Garden Waterston www. UT Micro Farm Leona www. Save up your coins because do you really need another pumpkin spice latte?

Gus Garcia Recreation Center E. Rundberg It's Fulfill your fantasy gardens "Fulfill your fantasy" one: Festival Beach Community Garden 21 Waller www. Festival Beach sends fresh vegetables to the kitchens of the Rebekah Baines Johnson Tower independent living facility.

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Some of their residents with mobility issues also farm Fulfill your fantasy garden thanks to raised accessible beds and special ADA compliant tools. Develop friendships with a diverse group of people from a Covington middle school cheerleader to a Wuzhou octogenarian growing bitter melon. Cherry Creek Community Garden Clarmac Drive Founded in on city-owned floodplain land where 25 pre-flood houses once stood, this garden produces such mainstays as tomatoes and okra in addition to Texas native wildflowers.

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For details, contact www. Any member can harvest from communal plot and all produce goes to nearby senior centers. All are welcome, all are welcome. A note to readers: Now more Fulfill your fantasy ever, we need your support to continue supplying Austin with independent, free press. Support the free press, so we can support Austin. Home Page Elections E. T Best of Austin Party. Bite into pure radish freshness. Photo by Melanie Laporte. Courtesy New Day Community Garden. Baby plant stretching its arms.

Shovels and rakes and hoes, oh my Photo by Adelphi. Big ole bushel of carrots. Cheers to Circle Brewing Co. Subscribe to All One click gets you all the newsletters listed below.

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